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by A. R. Waddell


Go beyond family and environmental expectations

And seek mental stability through spiritual growth

Look upon yourselves as being energies and

Direct the positive and sort out the negative

Seek for purpose in order to exert positive energies

Character is built on daily investments

The spirit is the receiver

The mind is the retriever

And the heart is the reliever



by A. R. Waddell


In this state all earthly life ceased

In this state the soul has been released

In this state all investment in the character is liberated to the soul

In this state the plight of the soul depends upon the investment of the character

In this state all hatred is carried and all love is married




Political illusion

by A. R. Waddell (1980)


Inflation, taxes, government funds, the threat of war, human needs minorities, industries, abortions, and the equal rights amendment -- nourish the Illusion.

While the public and politicians are lead by the nourishment and confusion, morals become a religious intrusion.

The path of the Illusion will darken with many, many promises along the way.

As the path progresses, many will stray.



TV and sound along with words

by A. R. Waddell


Television and sound along with words

Infiltrate minds and deliver the attention temperament

In a disguised ball field.

In that ball field,

Vanity is mixed with joy, depression and fear.

The players are exhibitionists and illusionists

Living off the attention of its fans.

Both, fans and players, become addictive to each other.


by A. R. Waddell (1980)

Man's chemical make-up only defines half the man.

The residue stemming from his conformability and his adaptability reveals the other half.




by A. R. Waddell (1981)

The brain is the central reactor of the inner man and outer man (spirit and body).

Millions of cells in the body are acting as receivers and transmitters.

Both spirit and body generate charges from the universe.

The condition of the spirit and body is determined by what charges are being generated.

The charges are recipients of men indulgences.



by A. R. Waddell (1977)


I'm living in a world that resembles a stage.

Some people have happy faces, other sad.

Some people are stable and other mad.

With these different flavors of people, the world is a whole which only signifies that all people have a goal.