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Waking Life Markers


Working as a school bus driver during weekdays and being part of a security apparatus at a mall on Cape Cod some weekday evenings, leaves me very little time for creativity. The compelling desire to record my feelings at this very moment on a parked school bus, waiting on a field trip at Lakeville Park in Lakeville Massachusetts is due to an experience on 8/15/03 three days earlier.

Most people that believe in the dream world look for clues in the elements and symbols to equate with their waking life. Once established that there is a message from beyond in the symbols and elements, one can make an adjustment in the waking life.

What if it was the other way around; the symbols and elements availed themselves in the waking life. I truly believe the war protesters referred to by George W. Bush as “A Focus Group” were symbols and elements in George Bush’s waking life. He ignored the Pope, the UN, and the war protesters around the world.

On George Bush’s say to go to war, the rather ill conceived coalition followed on the notion that the world was in imminent danger of Saddam Hussein’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. If George Bush were more opened to the symbols and elements in his waking life, he would not have been a captive of that “Fixation” Ted Kennedy referred to. Bush’s fixation on Saddam Hussein has cost thousand of lives along with Human beings, being maimed for the rest of their lives.

The total lacking of the “John F. Kennedy Wisdom” in the White House and the quagmire in Iraq should be enough for America to look for another tenant.

On 8/15/03, 9:15 am, I was driving a 25960 pounds, yellow school bus west on 6 heading toward the Sagamore Bridge on Cape Cod Massachusetts. Approximately 300 feet away near exit 2, I thought I saw a seagull limping in the middle of the right lane; the lane I was driving in.

My first thought was to slow down and give the little creature a chance to clear the lane. I looked in my rear view and side mirror to estimate the distance of the vehicle behind and the one coming on the side. To my astonishment, when I re-focused on what I thought was a limping seagull, turned out to be a portion of a newspaper. The wind carried it up to the left side of the bus, and the paper wrapped itself around the fender mirror arm.

Off the highway, at a store in the back of a Mobil Station facing Sandwich road and 6A, I unwrapped a September, 30, 2001 Cape Cod Times classified ad from the mirror arm. Later in the evening on my second job as a security person, my watch died at 7:35. I had a strange day.

If 8/15/03 were part of a dream world rather then being part of waking life events, here is my take on how a Dream Interpreter would analyze the symbols and elements:

1. The events on 8/15/03 could just be all co-incidences that are strange...

2. The September, 30, 2001 newspaper ad was published around the same time my website was revised

3. Could there be a prophesy related to the paper being dated 19 days away from 9/11?

4. The limping seagull has something in common with a Christmas story I wrote that is on my website?

5. The watch that died later that day symbolizes time is running out for me to do something?

6. The Cape Cod Times Classified ad represents an avenue for me to publish my website?

Since this was not a dream, my interpretations of what I think a Dream Interpreter would find is simply what I call “Waking Life Markers”.

If George W. Bush had paid attention to all his “Waking Life Markers” such as millions of protesters, the Pope, and the wisdom of the UN, thousands of lives, billions of dollars, America’s credibility, along with diplomacy would have been saved.

For the moment, I have accepted number 1 marker for me until otherwise proven different.

Revenge and bitterness from Iraq exiles, war mongers, oil cronies, and George Bush’s false pride elevated his “fixation” and blinded him from the sane “Markers”.

The scary thought is 70% of the American public supported his policy.

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