Al Waddell

Alfred Ray Waddell was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He was raised in a family of artists. I can imagine you could say that he used to breathe art at his home, through his father and his brothers. So, art is naturally part of him.


He left Memphis when he was 24 years old, and since then, he has been living on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


He first started doing sketches downtown in Memphis, and he developed a real amazing skill in pen sketching. It only takes him 10 minutes to have your sketch done. And when you look at it, you really like what you see. He has the ability to catch the best of you, and transfer that to his work. It is just unbelievable how fast and how well he does that. If you have any opportunity to ask him to make a sketch of you, do that. You won't regret.


When taking a course in College, one of his teachers stimulated him to direct his art to create abstract artworks. Well, it seems that teacher had a good instinct, because since then he has created some very beautiful abstract artworks. In some of his works you can see colors matched in an amazing way, and your heart will feel the image through your eyes.


The effects he obtains using a beautiful technique - conte in reverse black paper - is impressive. He is able to capture deeply all details. Traces, light and shadows are used in such a way that the result is an image that seems to be alive.


His art has taken him to short writings and poems too.


His dream is to be able to dedicate all his time to his art through images and words.

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