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A Cape Cod Gadfly



A wake up call on wheels

A Paul Revere of Yarmouth, Cape Cod -- driving a Ford truck plastered with political graffiti, a lone warrior whose outcry and theme: "wake up America" will resonate in time.  Moe Fuoco's weekly, daily and sometimes monthly changes of political messages plastered on his truck coincides with present issues affecting the general public. Many in the media understand Fuoco's position on many issues facing America today. He feels very strongly about what he puts on his truck. He -- in his own right -- is a political diagnostician.
Fuoco once worked under ex-Mayor, Kevin White of Boston, as a night mayor. Fuoco's experience in tasting the strong tax medicine dished out during the administration of ex-Governor -- Mike Dukakis, stirred up the gases in his political belly, exposing the idiosyncrasies of too many liberal politics. Ever since the departure of ex-Governor Mike Dukakis, Fuoco has continued his one-man campaign on wheels against a government he feels is out of touch with the common interest of the common patriot.
Fuoco's campaign goes far beyond his experience and knowledge of the political arena. It seems he has a pipeline to the frontline of regular people and patriots -- to have such a wide range of knowledge of cause and effect.
The attention paid to Fuoco is noteworthy. When the millennium comes, many will be walking with long robes on in many cities, bearing signs -- "The end is coming". Many will be waiting on the invasion of space creatures.
Fuoco will be driving his Ford truck, on worn springs and a tired engine, sporting a sign plastered around the faded blue paint that has sustained years of weather-beatings. The sign will read: "Have you Americans wakened up yet?"

Fuoco is now out of commission due to old age and illness.